Gary and I are amazed and so pleased with the difference in our dogs' behaviors since Sara has been training ALL of us! Her positive, kind yet assertive approach to animal training is very effective. Lily, 3½ years and Diego, 4 months, both miniature schnauzers, are now quieter and calmer. And we all are having even more fun than ever together! They have learned sit, down, stay, to walk nicely on a leash and so much more in just 2 visits from Sara. We can't wait for her next visit! Sara's simple, gentle, successful techniques make so much more sense to us than those used in the books and videos of some celebrity trainers. Call Sara! We are certain you and your pets will not be disappointed!
Christine Schaefer & Gary Williams, Palm Desert, CA.


Dear Sara,
We are so glad that you came into our lives!
Sadie, the reincarnation of Marley, was a very difficult puppy. Your classes always left us with new ideas on how to handle her. You motivated us to work with her so that Sadie would do better by the following week. What really helped the most however, were our one on one training sessions. We were ready to give up on the gentle leader and after only one meeting with you Sara, we saw definite improvement. It was remarkable.  You showed us a different way of handling Sadie. You were firm but still gentle. She is really becoming a sweet dog. We're so proud of her. Thanks for all your patience and guidance Sara. We recommend you to all our dog friends.
Ron, Angie and Sadie H.

Sara, your skill and compassion have played a huge role in helping to transform an anxious rescue dog into a trusting and well-behaved family pet.  It had been many years since I had owned a dog, and I know that much of your attention had to focus on training me how best to train Sadie—thank you!  You were so patient with both of us, and your obvious delight in showing us how to act as a team resulted in training sessions that always were positive, informative and fun.  You are a superb trainer!
Yvonne R.

Thank you for providing such incredible training on behalf of our beloved Cavalier King Charles Spaniel “Rex” (or, as we called him before we met you, “Wrecks”)!  Your generosity in training “both ends of the leash” proved valuable to us as we needed to learn as much as our pet.  When participating in your basic and intermediate group training programs we noted that, while responsible for general training, you made certain to customize your training based on the needs of each animal (and their owners) to elicit the best response.  When we invited you to provide special one-on-one training to focus on specific concerns we had, you were patient (with us), generous (to Rex), and more than generous with your time (apparently your watch runs very slow).
On behalf of ourselves, Rex, and the many friends (human and animal) that he encounters, we are grateful and most appreciative.  We look forward to additional training for Rex and on behalf of our Newf when he arrives.
Thank you.
Jerry J. and “Coco” G. and Rex Wrecks

We found Sara's gentle, nurturing demeanor as a trainer to be highly effective with our Cavaliers as they completed their Canine Good Citizen training and testing.  So, when we started having behavioral problems with our pups in social situations, we asked Sara to help.  She worked with the dogs in the exact settings we were encountering problems – at outdoor cafes and restaurants.  Now we can take our pups with us without worrying about them disrupting other diners.   Since we are both pilots, we travel extensively.  It was impossible to find a trustworthy and reliable person to stay in our home and care for our dogs in our absence, so we were thrilled when we were able to have Sara care for them.  Thanks Sara!
Denise & Rob W.!

It was love at first sight for my dog, Mojo – a 5 month old Australian Labradoodle!! Sara McNutt has a special talent and connection with animals and Mojo knew it when we first walked thru the door and met Sara.  They bonded immediately!
Prior to starting training with Sara, Mojo was like a bull in a china shop, a young bear cub, a 2 year old who had never heard the word “no”.  After just a few sessions with Sara who was able to hold his attention (and teach us to do so as well), he was in tow and happily learning. Over the course of two five-week training classes, she taught us how to train Mojo to be a happy, obedient, respectful dog who is welcomed into our friends’ homes and is enjoyable to be with, even in new surroundings. Kudos to a woman who knows her dogs!!!!  Thank you, Sara!!

Lisa B. & Mojo

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